Medical Safety Adhesive (5ml)

Medical Safety Adhesive (5ml)
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Made with Purified Ethoxyethyl cyanoacrylate, a medical-grade ingredient that has low irritation and low odor.
Even after completely drying, this glue has a soft texture which leaves the clients feeling like they're not even wearing extensions.
Please shake well before use.


Store in cool dark place (8~23℃)
Avoid hot and humid places with direct sunlight.

【Comes with】

Aluminum pouch, silica gel

【Expiry date】

Unopened: APPROX. 3 months
Opened: APPROX. 1 month


※Do not use directly on eyes or skin around the eyes.
※Stop using immediately when you have skin abnormality or other troubles.
※Use only in vented area, avoid using around fire.
※Store in cool dark place
※Seal properly with cap after openning, and use within 1 month.

【Made in】

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