Bubble Cleaner

Bubble Cleaner
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Environmental friendly, cleaning agent for rods that firmly disinfects and removes dirt with the power of fine bubbles

・An environment friendly cleaning agent that easily dissolves in water and does not leave any harmful substances after use.
・ Peels off dirt with oxygen bubbles and sterilizes firmly with bleaching action.
・ No unpleasant odor or irritation to the skin.
※ Comes with 2g spoon.

【How to use】

Dissolve 1 spoon (2g) of Bubble Cleaner in 200ml of lukewarm water (40-60 ℃), soak for 5 minutes to overnight, and rinse with running water before use.


100g (around 50 uses)




Sodium percarbonate, Hydrogen peroxide adduct


※ Keep out of reach of children.
※ Do not use in boiling water (50℃ or higher).
※ Do not apply directly on clothing.
※ Since the fibers may turn yellow, avoid direct sunlight during bleaching and rinse well after bleaching.
※ Do not use with chlorine bleach.
※ Store out of direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
※ Do not use for any other purpose then stated above.
※ Do not store this product or a solution in which this product is dissolved in a PET bottle or glass container as it may oxidize and damage the container.
※ If the fiber itself is discolored, it will not return to its original state even if oxygen bleach is used.
※ To prevent accidental ingestion, pay attention to the location and handling of this product and bleached products.
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    cleans my rods and sanitizes my lash tools!
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