MOIST LASH FOAM -Foaming shampoo for lashes

MOIST LASH FOAM -Foaming shampoo for lashes
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Having a hard time washing around the eyes with lash extensions on? This Lash Foam is perfect for gentle cleansing! The soft foam grabs dirt and debris, and removes all the greasiness from the lashes. Keep your eyes and lashes healthy and enjoy the long lasting extentions!

Created with two special ingredients, "Decylglusoside" which is effective for cleansing, and "Cocamidopropyl betaine" which creates the perfect foam and moisturizes the skin. Usage: Dispence the foam on a plate. Place the foam softly on to the base of the lashes and brush gently.

Removes dirt between extensions with the elastic foam. It prevents eye infection and maintain the extensions fresh and long lasting.

How to use eye shampoo
1. Put eyepatch under the eye
2. Place cotton moisturized with pure water
3. Place one push of foam onto the plate. Softly, place the foam on the roots of the eyelashes. Wait 1- 2 minutes, and brush the lashes gently
4. Use a micro brush for further cleansing
5. Remove the used cotton and place a new one that is again moisturized with pure water
6. Cleanse the lashes with pure water few times, until all the foam is washed out
7. Wipe the moisture off the lashes, use a dryer in necessary
8. Finish by combing the lashes with screw brush or comb

- Removes the dirt and makeup that cannot be easily washed only with facial cleanser.
- Cleanse air dust and pollen dust off the lashes, allowing the extensions to last longer.
- Protects eye area from infections and diseases.
- Closed up volume fans will reopen after using foam shampoo.
- Great recommendation for salon sales and clients for home care products.

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